Hypoglycemia is not a disease

Knowing Hypoglycemia…

Hypoglycemia comes from the word “hypo” means less than normal and “glycemia” means the presence of glucose in the blood. It means a person has lesser than normal blood sugar.hypoglycemia 1

It may come from over reaction of the insulin. Insulin is a hormone from pancreas that lower the sugar. Then insulin spike too fast it drops the sugar too low.

Hypoglycemia is not a disease in itself it is a sign of a health problem. We always have to look for a reason why it is happening.

Remember hypoglycemia is not a diagnosis it is just simply you have low blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia is most common in person who has diabetes. In diabetic person, levels below 70mg/dL or 3.9mmol/L. If severe low blood sugar it can cause seizures or unconsciousness can be reversed without harm in our brain. But many other disease can also cause low blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia can occur…

1.) insufficient meal

2.) delayed meal

3.) after an unusual and unprepared physical effortHypoglycemia 4

4.) an overdose of glucose-lowering pills

5.) high insulin dose

6.) vomiting or diarrhea

7.) drinking alcohol before eating or excessive alcohol intake

8.) The level of blood sugar may decrease during the night

How to Prevent…

Ways of preventing Hypoglycemia are:

1.) Matching proper insulin to food intake – to adjust insulin and taking right amount of carbohydrates

2.) Adjust insulin for physical activity – blood sugar can drop during physical activity

3.) Regular glucose monitoring – more frequent much better

4.) You should keep any form of glucose available at hand, at any time – such as 2-3 cubes of sugar or glucose tablets

Signs and Symptoms…

It may vary from one person to another and change over time. These signs and symptoms gives signal to our brain to increase glucose to our brain immediately. Low blood sugar signs and symptoms are:

1.) feeling of hunger

2.) headache

3.) dizziness

4.) shivering

5.) irritability

6.) sweating

7.) numbness or tingling

8.) pounding of heart

Once blood sugar drops too low it is extremely dangerous and life threatening. Very low blood sugar sign and symptoms are:

1.) Confusion

2.) Blurry vision

3.) Difficulty speaking

4.) Seizure or coma

Effects of Hypoglycemia…

Hypoglycemia may be dangerous if no action is taken or is taken too late. It might lead to loss of consciousness and possibly die.

Managing Hyperglycemia

In case of severe hypoglycemia, take immediately three to four glucose tablets, easy-to-suck candies or fluids with sugar (not diet). Stop immediately any physical effort or car driving and examine the sugar level.

After the disappearance of symptoms (approximately ten minutes), eat some starches or a meal.

Recheck your blood sugar during the next hours and contact your doctor to discuss the cause and prevent the recurrence of such a problem.

Other ways in managing hypoglycemia are:

1.) Reduce carbohydrates intake

2.) Add healthy fats

3.) Eat clean protein sources

4.) Manage stress effectively

5.) Optimize sleep pattern

6.) Support good digestion

7.) Get plenty of minerals

8.) Consider a ketogenic diet

Foods to Consider…

1.) Berberine an ancient Chinese herb it mimics the effect of metformin that decreases blood sugar

2.) Nutritional yeast – lower and help regulate blood sugar as well

3.) High Potassium Foods – will help store sugar longer

4.) Protein breakfast – because within an hour after you wake up you will have a low blood sugar

It may happen anytime…

Hypoglycemia or having a low blood Hypoglycemia 6sugar is not easy and it may happen anytime. It may also happen without a person feeling it.

Does we should always be prepared when it comes because it may be dangerous if left untreated it can lead to loss of consciousness and even death.

We can be prepared it if we have awareness and education regarding hypoglycemia. To overcome hypoglycemia we should do our part.

You should do monitoring of blood sugar, avoiding over dosage of insulin, blood sugar taking before exercise, and proper specific diet and many more ways to overcome hypoglycemia

Informing your family and significant others about this will help everyone to take appropriate action if necessary. It start with us, let us share our knowledge and be able to help others.

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